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She understood completely what he had gone through when separated. The thought of trying to heal and mend your broken heart, thinking the person you were in love with just stopped loving you back. It was the thought that ran through her mind when she stopped get any response from Mako’s letters. It was the thing that got her through the lonely days being apart in the Fire Nation, doing her Avatar journey on her own. It was too much being away, but it was a necessity being the Avatar. Mako respected and appreciated that a lot. To find now, that their letters had been tampered with and stolen made her angry to find those years lost and her memory sketchy.

Korra felt the butterflies in her stomach, almost as if they had never parted. The way he spoke highly of her and the way he caressed her cheek, circling his arm around her, pulling her close to him, making her heart race quickly. Their lips only inches apart, Korra could feel the warmth of his gaze looking over her adoringly, not wanting to let her go.

"Then help me? I’m trying to wrack my mind of those horrible years without you, but I feel so incomplete, not knowing how we got married or the fact that we have a little girl, and how we finally patched things up to be together. It feels just so unreal, but its true isn’t it? All of it? I’ve always felt like we were meant to be and that when we were apart, fate would bring us together again. I just have to say I still have loved you all this time, even though I can’t remember things. I don’t think I ever stopped, even when I was with Kai." She stated honestly.

"It’s all true" he admitted, reassuring her words "We married at the Southern Watertribe and four months after that, our baby Izumi was born and she is beautiful and healthy and happy I wouldn’t change any of that"

It felt familiar and desired the way she loved him, the way that even though she has no memory she accepts it. She tells him that she always loved him even when she was with Ka and he smiles again because she told him that, she loved him always as he did for her, that never changed.

"I will, I’m here because of you" without hesistation this time. His lips met hers and he closed his eyes, missing the feeling of her. It’s been a little over a week but he loves her, like the first day,like he promised on his wedding vows.

When he pulled away he kept his golden gaze on her “Trust me” he moved both his hands to cup her face, feeling the way she looked at him. He felt like she still had questions, but he’s here for her, because come morning. Things will get agitated and difficult and Kai will know that Mako didn’t sit to watch how what he loved the most was taken from him. Not this time.

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Korra felt the heat of his gaze over her, listening intently to what she had to say. His words held promise and truth and she knew deep down in her heart that everything he said would be fulfilled. Things had really changed, not remembering him to have grown so wise. The years had done him some good, making her wonder what he had been doing the time they were apart and if he had ever found another to love especially since she had been in a relationship with Kai.

"Mako, tell me the time we were not together because of all this communication and of Kai, what did you do the time we were apart. I’m sure you found someone else that caught your eye right? I was devastated thinking all these years you just stopped caring and threw our relationship away like it didn’t mattered. Until I can get my memories, it feels like there’s this pain lingering and I don’t know how to make it stop."

He looked at her waiting to see if she asks some more about their past. He wants her to know everything, she deserves the truth after all they had been through.

She looks down and then up to him and what she inquires about it’s something he didn’t even imagine she would ask him about. He promised the truth and he can’t really hold that back. He swallowed and after a few seconds he spoke.

"I did, I dated after I stopped recieving your letters" it was flat out the truth and while he remembers Bolin advising him to not be so desperate, he had been determined on forgetting her. His error was to always look for Korra in those girls

"Even the night at the gala I had gone with a date" he shrugged remembering,but Emi had been more than understanding when she realized that he was more than lost. In love with the spirit of the world.

”..but it’s always been you” he reached and caressed her reddened cheek. Out of habit he circled his other arm around her waist as he looked at her “it’s been you since they day I told you how I felt for you” he assured her, running his thumb on her lower lip, like he does when he’s about to kiss her, but he didn’t. His breath mingled with hers as he spoke. It feels nice to be like this, but it’s strange when she can’t remember anything. He holds himself carefully.

"I want to help you in any way I can, I’m your husband and I love you and I made a promise I intend to keep"

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(I don’t know if it will be IC for Mako to ask Korra to dance [maybe in the far far future?]. BUT YES. A FANGIRL CAN DREAM. Also dapper!Mako is unf.)



(I don’t know if it will be IC for Mako to ask Korra to dance [maybe in the far far future?]. BUT YES. A FANGIRL CAN DREAM. Also dapper!Mako is unf.)

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I’m in a Raava x Vaatu kind of mood today. Vaatu is based off of Soliarum’s design.


I’m in a Raava x Vaatu kind of mood today. Vaatu is based off of Soliarum’s design.

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When you are hurting, occasionally let me listen to your breathing

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Earth[bending] Day--> I learned from badger moles. They don't talk, but they're great teachers. 
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Korra met his gaze as he spoke sincerely and sweetly about her. His words making her heart beat fast, especially after admitting his love for her. Mako spoke of the lost year of having returned to Republic City after her mission but in a relationship with Kai. It made sense on how he knew her boyfriend. She could tell it bothered him as he talked about seeing her with him, but explained in detail what she wore at the gala and the events that transpired that evening, leading them to the now. It made her own cheeks blush at how they got back together. She could tell he was flustered as he mentioned the intimate things they shared that evening.

She frowned as he mentioned Kai and his scheming ways, intentionally using their daughter as leverage against them. “So we married and had Izumi, but Kai still wouldn’t let up, using our daughter for what? To get me? Or what? You know, thanks for telling me all of this Mako and filling me in. I really am sorry for putting you through this.” Korra stated, grabbing his hand, meeting his golden gaze. “I’m sure we’ll get through this together. I hope to get my memories of all of this because I really want to remember everything you said. It makes the time that we were apart not so painful.”

He nodded hearing her ask about Kai’s ways to get to her. On all accounts she is right, Kai used Izumi to get to Korra. Apparently it all leads to thinking that he had it carefully planned.

"I’d do it again if I had to" he told her, feeling her hands on his as a form of comfort. While he wished it had happened, they are there right now and nothing changes what happened, they just have to keep moving forward and assure that everything will be alright for one another.

”..for you and our daughter Izumi” he looked right back at her,feeling her blue eyes over him “We’ll get trough it and you’ll get your memories back and it’ll be fine once we deal with it” he smiled back at her, hoping that his words weren’t just words. He’ll do anything for her and Izumi.

"Now…what else do you wish to know?" 

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Photo Set: Mako and Bolin eating things out of Korra’s hands

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I was so worried.

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