Korra had taken another sip of her water, trying to avoid talking on things regarding her situation, as best she can. Mako’s next question, made her wonder why his curosity was piqued. 

"Am I happy with this? What do you mean? If you’re talking about Naga. She’s fine with my parents. Its all fine." She lied, knowing deep down she was dealing with some serious struggles, feeling alone and no one to turn to on this. The idea of her not being able to reconnect with Raava on a spiritual level was worrying her and seeing this wretched past image of her in the Avatar state was more haunting.

He meant if she was happy with her decision, to pursue this thing and leave Naga behind. Is she content? Is she sleeping ad eating well a t least? He wondered that the moment he learned she was here on her own.

If he was any obvious his expression indicated that he had a hard time believing that it was all fine. Not with the tears on her clothes and the faint bruises from the earthbending fights. Something is weighing her down, he can tell but she won’t tell.

“Didn’t think you would ever be fine with…uhh leaving Naga she is such a great companion” he met her gaze; subconsciously he grabbed the drink and gulped from it once more. He didn’t believe anything she just said, it was hard to grasp even if three years change people. 

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I…have a severe Makorra addiction. I think it shows. I got lazy and didn’t want to shade. 


I…have a severe Makorra addiction. I think it shows. I got lazy and didn’t want to shade. 

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It was nice hearing that his relatives were doing well, especially his grandma and Bolin as well. Korra took another sip of her water, glancing at Mako a bit, but kept her eyes moving, not want to be caught in a stare. He could easily read her and that fact wasn’t lost on the way he had been asking her questions.

At the mention of Naga, Korra looked right back at him, not happy of leaving her behind. She knew here best friend would have wanted to help her, but she needed to do things on her own. “Naga’s with my parents. I know she’s usually with me, but I decided to not take her on this journey.”

Not even Naga made it with her, if it was an indication of the severity on Korra’s end, it was really serious. It made him even more curious, she had been gone for too long and now he wonders if she would have rather not run into him in the first place.

“No Naga then” he drank a little more, of the drink. He met her gaze; he didn’t want to feel like a stranger anymore. He feels for her so much, running into her set ablaze the dormancy of those feelings, they were at the tip of his tongue and if she felt anything for him too he wouldn’t hesitate on letting her know.

“Are you happy with this?” the words spilled out before he could calculate them, but maybe is not so personal…or maybe it is, the thought made him push his drink away a little.

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Korra couldn’t help avoid feeling Mako’s eyes on her, lingering long over her, almost like searching for something. She wanted to say something, but refrained, not wanting to draw attention on herself, especially with Mako having skills as a detective. He was always great of being perceptive, but most of all, great at reading her.

Suddenly the silence was broken, as they awaited for the waiter to get back with their drinks. Mako managed to make small conversation, drawing her attention from dwelling on things. 

The waiter came back, interrupting the moment, placing their drinks down. Korra looked over at Mako, eyeing the drink, knowing the drink was probably a strong one, especially since the waiter mentioned it had ingredients from both the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation. As the waiter left, Mako’s eyes were on her again, asking her about her parents. “They’re good and how’s your brother, grandma, and relatives?” She asked, returning the favor, taking a sip of her water, glancing back at him.

“My grandmother is fine” he replies to Korra remembering last time he saw his family. Grandma Yin sure nagged him about getting married and giving her great-grandchildren, not that she lacked them but he gets the feeling most grandmothers are like that “Everyone else is good as well, Bolin is doing pretty well last I saw him and I’m glad your family is doing good too”

He took a sip (more like a gulp) of his drink, he feels like Korra is trying to redirect the conversation to him instead of her, she’s evading him, it has to be that. He wants to give her space but he also wants to know what is bothering her so much.

“And…Naga?” he asked for the polar hound as well, he had to try his best and keep at bay and not ask the questions he really wants to ask “She is always with you…where is she now?”

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Yeah son, but Korra proposing to Mako. Nothing to write home about, no bells and whistles. Mako just chilling after a days work and Korra comes to him a smile curves her lips and she sits next to him and kisses him deeply.

"I have an important question"

"Oh yeah, what is that?" he keeps his eyes on her because she can’t keep the smile off her lips and there is a very noticeable tint on her cheeks.

Just like that, no messing around “I love you and I believe we are meant for each other, would you marry me?”

He smiles a little, because the thought crossed his head too often and it even kept him up at night. He had thought of many ways of how to do it, but not this one.

"You beat me to it" he replies.

But he says yes and they share a soul crushing hug and it’s not like he had envisioned it but its perfect.

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buhhhh <3 have some korra


buhhhh <3 have some korra

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these expressions are under-appreciated

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It was gonna be sad but then pie

alternately titles ‘Mako is 3000000% done’ 

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Worst. Date. Ever.

Worst. Date. Ever.

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Korra refrained from meeting Mako’s gaze, instead playing with her food, deep in thought about the haunted entity that kept following her everywhere. It made her wonder why it existed and why she couldn’t get rid of it.

Her thoughts were interrupted upon seeing the waiter approach their table, checking on them. “I’d like some more water please.” She asked, feeling thirsty, more than hungry.

It wasn’t missed on her ears, surprised to hear that Mako ordered a drink, curious a bit,if things with him were going better than what she was dealing with as of late. She felt Mako’s eyes on her, asking if she’d like something too, besides the water she wanted. “Um, no, I’m fine. Thanks.” Korra politely smiled back at him, then back at the waiter. “The water will do though.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a second” the waiter to the dish and walked away.

Mako looked at Korra, for a moment too long his sight lingered. Does he love her? Running to her here set his heart on fire. His feelings for her which he tried his best to guard away were seeping through; he loves her like he always did, even if he was never really good at expressing it.

“Um,so…”dammit he couldn’t believe how difficult it felt to do this, same girl whose lips he has kissed, who he cradled in his arms, who he told silly things at three in the morning on better times.

“How are your parents?” he asked her, he really wanted the conversation to keep going. Just then the waiter came back, placing the water in front of her and handing Mako the drink he ordered. Mako looked at it, the smell was a bit overpowering.

“Are you sure this isn’t strong?” he asked the waiter.

“Not at all, it’s one of the customer favorites, a mix of Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation ingredients, the lightest in it’s category”

Mako eyed it once more , he takes a sip and it doesn’t taste as strong as it smells, deciding that it can’t be that bad “Alright, thank you”

“Anything else you guys let me know” the waiter retired once more and Mako looked at Korra, hoping to resume the conversation “Soo…about your parents…”

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I’ll keep you locked in my head until we meet again…

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