"Oh my gosh, who has room for romance in that world that they’re living in? Yeah, I do feel like [Mako and Korra] sort of look at each other like, ‘Well…if things were different, who knows? But they’re not.’” —Janet Varney on Book 3 (x)

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I want you to know that I’m here for you.


I want you to know that I’m here for you.

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We are talking about this, right?

Book Four comes out in Australia early 2015, so…?

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It had been five years since departing from her family, but not intentionally. She should have let him known what had happened, but refused to expose them to this danger. It was her duty and responsibility not only to the world, but to her family, keeping them safe.

Korra had taken on this mission to defeat a fanatic of Zaheer and Unalaq’s teachings, siding up with a spirit to gain power over others, but most of all, to rid the world of her. She knew if Mako had known what was going on, he would  have tried to protect her. That was something she refused to let him do, given their baby daughter Jin. She was the most precious thing and it still ached to leave them, thinking she had passed.

The news of her supposed death was spread  worldwide, but only a few people knew the truth. Her dad, Tenzin, Lin and Su Beifong, and lastly Hong Li, one of Suyin’s guards that had saved her. Thanks to him, she had survived the blast given by this monster, who had merged himself with the spirit. Korra had managed to purify the spirit, separating it from that criminal, but that process had almost killed her. Hong Li had managed to pull her away in time, saving her life.

She was looking through a picture of her family, placing her thumb against it, caressing the photo, that contained her daughter and husband. They had no idea she had been living in Zaofu and alive, but it was intended that way.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Hong Li made his presence known, knocking at her door. She looked his direction, smiling back. “Don’t tell me, its time for dinner right? What are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Korra looped her arm around his, in a friendly,playful manner, not noticing the way he looked at her.

Jin was less than pleased when he dropped her off at Bolin’s at first she had even refused to kiss him goodnight, again, her way of showing him that she wasn’t happy. She’s just a child and he wished to be better for her, but sometimes it gets difficult on his own.

Bolin does what he can to help and he wouldn’t want to burden him, she gets along well with Tenzin’s kids even if they are all much older than her, but he can’t burden him either. And Asami, well, she comes and goes, now that she’s married as well, expecting her first child, and running an empire at the same time she has a lot on her hands, he wouldn’t dare to suggest the idea.

Jin is his own, his responsibility and the only thing he has left from a love he once held. He thinks Korra was gone too soon and her daughter is already five, almost six in a few weeks.  Korra should h have seen her grow, see how beautiful and playful and smart and independent she is at her short age.

“What do you plan to order?” the woman across him asked and his thoughts came back into a present time. This date was…nice. She is a Master healer, born in Republic City to immigrant parents, beautiful pale blue eyes, black hair and olive skin. Saki is her name.

“Uhh..I…” he hadn’t been paying attention to the menu card; his thoughts had drifted to how upset Jin was when he left her at Bolin’s. He wants to make his daughter happy, but he wants to be happy too.

“I think I’ll go with this…” he showed her what he first pointed out, komodo chicken as if he hadn’t eaten that three times a week already “I’m sorry…I just got distracted, my daughter…let me look again…” this time he looked at the card well.

She just gracefully smiled observing him “Oh yeah, I know let me guess, she’s upset you are out on a date?” his cheeks slightly reddened and she smiled “Gotcha’”

He smiled back, she read him right because it’s exactly what happened.

“It happens” she took a sip of her drink, leaving lipstick stains on the glass “She’ll be fine eventually children are like that when they feel like someone will steal their attention but I bet she’s lovely”

“She is” and he smiled again looking over at Saki, she is nice, it’s definitely nicer than other dates he’s been to before “She drives me crazy sometimes but she’s incredible”

“I’d like to meet her sometime if you don’t mind” she told him reaching to touch his hand affectionately, his eyes followed the movement and after a second of consideration he nodded. It seemed to him like Saki liked him and didn’t mind he was a single father. Maybe this one is the one.

“I’ll let her know you want to meet her, maybe she’ll change her mind”

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He had never been so scared in his life.

After what he thought was going to be a little security work had turned into a lot more than he bargained for as he was kidnapped be equalists of all people, and before he knew it, he had been shoved onto his knees with his hands tied behind his back in front of so many people- all people who hated benders.

"these people wanted my bending gone.. or worse" he had thought. However, when all hoped seemed lost, when he was staring Amon himself in the face, his legs shaking and threatening to give out on him, a loud explosion from the crowd had caught his attention, and the equalist who was trying to capture him again had been sent flying through the air by nobody other than Mako. Bolin nearly began to cry. He was so happy to see his older brother. He had exclaimed his name happily before he was dragged out of that awful place. Mako had a vice grip on his arm, and his hands began to heat up every time Bolin tried to wriggle out of it. Yeah, he was pissed alright.

The ride home had been difficult. Bouncing in Naga’s mouth, even after they were far from the equalists, and Amon’s wrath, Bolin wondered silently if this was Mako’s punishment to him. Bolin, promise me you wont ever go near the triads…

With guilt in his stomach, he realized Mako had a right to be mad, and disappointed. Korra had dropped them off, and as he waved to her, he realized the stoic firebender hadn’t said a word to him yet. He would give anything to even be lectured at this point, but the fact Mako was so silent…

He knew he was in big trouble.

He would even crack a joke, if the situation hadn’t been so dire, but the way Mako’s shoulders were tensing, he knew now was not the time.

"Mako?" he pleaded quietly, turning towards his older brother. "I… I…" he couldn’t even finish as he imagined how angry Mako was with him.

He had no idea what to say.

Korra had dropped them by the arena and he thanked her but not a single word uttered at the young earthbender. Mako was fuming; he was upset Bolin went against his wishes about getting involved with Shady Shin or any of the Triple Threats. He could have got hurt really badly or worse, killed.

He still thinks this feat would have ended ill-fated if it wasn’t for the Avatar. She helped him search through the city all day, she didn’t leave him. He owes her big time and the list keeps adding on.  He let his brother try and figure out how angry he was, he would crack and he’ll have to listen to what the firebender has to say.

Later that night, as he predicted, the steps he heard while sitting on the window ledge let him know Bolin wanted a word. He silently began saying his name but Mako didn’t turn his attention to him, even if he had a calm demeanor, he was still angry. Silence followed for a few seconds and then no words. He wanted to justify what he did.

“You what?” he turned his attention to his brother “You almost got yourself killed? Is that it?”

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[rips off shirt] i love AUs so much

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korrashair:he just got thrashed around by a armless waterbender, got slammed into a wall, and spent a day in prison but look.


he just got thrashed around by a armless waterbender, got slammed into a wall, and spent a day in prison but look.

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At age five, Jin (or Jinny as her father affectionately calls her) thinks she has a lot figured out and truth to be told, she’s pretty independent.

“Dad, dad” her curious golden eyes land on him as she walks into his room, he was fixing his tie in the mirror.

“Do I have to stay with Uncle Bo today?” he turned his attention to her, a pout in her lips, it hits him every time, she looks so much like her mother.

“Well…” he scrunched down to be at eye level with her, something told him that she didn’t like the idea.

“I mean…I like staying at Uncle Bo’s he has Pabu and aunt Opal is really nice, but does that mean you are going out with a lady?” her pout became more obvious and he knew that she disliked the idea a lot. He was at the verge of giving up this whole dating thing as well.

He did met lovely women, smart, sophisticated, strong and he hated that he looked for her in all of them. He disliked himself a lot for it, but he couldn’t help it. What’s even worse is that she’s been gone for almost five years, it was enough for him to move on and begin something new, for himself, for his daughter, but he didn’t give a lot of thought to it until he started to feel…well…alone.

“I…am” he knew she was disappointed before the words left his lips “…maybe you’ll get to meet this one” he said to her, trying to get her to reconsider her thoughts, but nothing seemed to faze her.  She held her ground.

He exhaled and placed his hand on the sides of her face “Jinny…” this is his baby girl and he loves her with his life but he has to think of himself too “I don’t know, maybe she’s nice and smells good and likes me too” he shrugged “Wouldn’t you want that for your dad?”

Her eyes were fixed on him and after a few long seconds of consideration she gave in.

“Okay” and he knows her enough to know she didn’t want to make him upset even if she was. He didn’t know what to tell her. She has to understand that her mother is gone; it’s been like that for some time now, he’ll never see her again. He has to go on, for himself for her, Korra would have wanted it.

She walked out of the room, pulling the old and worn Appa plush Korra had won in a Glacier festival many years ago. It’s one of the things he lets her have; all the other things that belong to Korra are kept away, where he doesn’t see them, no pictures or anything.  It had hurt and to avoid feeling that again he kept them out of sight, he thinks it’s best for Jin as well.

He had made a bag with Jin’s belongings and slung it over his shoulder, she would probably stay overnight at Bolin’s.

“Come, it’s time to go” he reached to grab her hand but she refused, claiming she had to hold Appa. She could hold Appa with one hand and this was her way to show rebellion to her father.

“Okay…don’t hold my hand then” he wouldn’t admit it hurt him and he slowly retreated his hand, but she was only five, she couldn’t tell him what to do. He just hopes that she’ll come to accept his choices.

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Korra Week 2014: Day 3-Fear.

"There’s no use fighting. Let go."

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Okay so we had Korra learn how to pro-bend with Bolin and airbend with Tenzin and the kids in Book 1.

Then we had her learn how to spirit bend with uncle dick I mean Unalaq in Book 2.

In Book 3 we had her learn how to drive with Asami.

Mako DO NOt disappoint me son!!!

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